The Chords

Welcome, guitarist!

Understanding The Chords addresses a void in guitar instruction. 

It's difficult to become an advanced player without knowing music theory, but where does one learn that? It's taught in college, and you have to read music.

This book changes all that.

What about notes? You'll learn where they are on the guitar, but you won't find any written notation in this book. Chord construction, scales, modes, arpeggios...all are explained in detail and clearly illustrated with graphics showing the guitar neck - where YOU are supposed to put YOUR fingers.

But...who cares about chords anyway? 

What if you just want to play lead? 

Obviously, the more you know about chords, the more choices you'll have when playing rhythm. However, even soloists need to deal with the fact that songs are made from chords. To solo well you need to be targeting chord tones - the individual notes in the chords. This book will show you exactly how to do that.

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