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Long-tern reference

By: David F. on 04/25/2011 10:20:47 AM

This is almost as good as having my teacher's brain in a book. I read music very minimally and have only a tiny grasp of formal theory--this book makes sense to me in terms of practical guitar application. I will probably use it for as many years as my hands will work to play the instrument.

From a customer post on the Djangobooks forum:

I received this book about two weeks ago. I'm nowhere near as advanced a guitarist as it seems most of the people on this forum are. This book makes visually clear the details about the anatomy of chords and scales that my teacher has been telling me and that I have been trying to get into my hands--it looks like it will be a tremendous help and take many years to outgrow if ever. It looks to me like a permanent reference book. I'd say if you're trying to come up from 3-chord-land you should buy it.

From another customer:

I received the book last Wednesday and have been totally absorbed in it. Excellent layout, graphics and illustrations. Already chartering into new territories... after 45 years of playing. Thanks for taking the time to put your knowledge in writing.

From a colleague: 

Steve, I just read your book over the weekend. It's great. If I was still working at Hebron Academy, I would buy 20 copies and make all my guitar instructors use them.

From a student:

I have to tell you Steve - you have written one hell of a book - more people need to know - thanks -

Another student: 

Hey, I showed my chorus director (he plays guitar) the book and he says he wants to buy it and put it in the music section of the library! :)

From a self described "63 year old hobby guitarist":

In my years of guitar, until reading page 22 in your book last night, I could NEVER remember the string names. Now I will never forget! This has me eager to keep reading and learning. I am really enjoying the opportunity.

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